Leave a Message

Shake a stick inside a Hallmark store, and you’re bound to find nuns on motorcycles, greased-up hunks in banana hammocks, and droopy-faced puppies.

But if you prefer cards with more character than characters, head to Sappycards — where the greetings are light on spectacle, heavy on charm, and full of wit.

Incite laughter (hopefully) with the plain white card that has “Something about this card made me think of you” printed on the outside and nothing inside. Send a backhanded compliment with the “You’re one of the people who’s only pretty because you’re almost ugly” card. Let a pal know how much you adore him or her with “Something always prevents me from killing you.” Or get extra sappy and slap your John Hancock on “I love you. Or something.”

The limited-edition designs are printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled card stock.

Which makes them the kind of recycled content you actually like to give.

Available online at sappycards.com.