Really Heady

You’re itching for something new. But what?

Stop scratching your head and check out Steam’s Carita exfoliating mini treatment with scalp scrub. It’s a facial for your hair follicles.

Here’s the rub: Make an appointment; when you arrive, follow your treatment specialist to the wash room. There, she’ll slather your head with a grainy, minty, all-natural hair masque containing roasted sunflower seeds and tons of minerals. Lean back in the stylist’s chair and she’ll massage your dome until crusty buildup is banished and your skin is free to breathe again.

After your nap, er, service, you’re shampooed and conditioned (and blow-dried if you want). You’ll leave with a tingly noggin and a shiny mane.

Not to mention, a scalp that’s head and shoulders above the rest.

Steam, 314 North Harper Avenue, between Beverly Boulevard and Oakwood Avenue (323-966-0024 or steam314.com).

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314 N Harper Ave
bt Beverly Blvd & Oakwood Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048