Give ’Em the Slip

If glossy mags (and marketing mucky-mucks) are to be believed, one’s home (like one’s clothes/ pet/ refrigerator/ every waking thought) should express one’s unique, personal style.

And in your case, it does. Your cruddy couch, for example, says “My budget isn’t nearly as outstanding as my taste.”

In other words, you’re stuck between a flea market and that Swedish place. But here’s an easy way to upgrade: Bemz’s custom-made slipcovers, designed specifically to fit Ikea furniture.

Launched by smarty-pants Canadian Lesley Pennington, the company has tons of cotton-and-linen-blend fabrics and patterns. They’ll send you free fabric samples then whip up your slipcover to order. (It’ll arrive in less than six weeks.)

Cover your old Ektorp sofa with nubbly tweed, make over a Klappsta armchair with sleek modern twill, or class up cheapie dining chairs with a vintagey tapestry pattern. Don’t be surprised if you start recognizing slipcovers in friends’ living rooms all over town.

Just call it the domino effect.

Available online at bemz.com