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Off the Wall

When you told your child you liked customized decor, she thoughtfully obliged by taking a few Sharpies to her walls.

And while her ensuing masterpieces certainly are one-of-a-kind, they’re not quite what you had in mind.

Funky Little Darlings, however, knows just what you want. The UK-based company specializes in bespoke wallpaper, and past designs include everything from safari animals to whimsical flowers.

Just send in a theme for your kiddos’ rooms, and you’ll get back a full-color proof for your (and their) approval. Choose either linen or vinyl as your base, submit the precise dimensions, and hang the finished product up to admire.

Then tell your budding artists that there’s a time and place to show off their skills.

That’s really the mural of this story.

Available by phone order (+44-20-7871-1903) or e-mail info@funkylittledarlings.co.uk. To see styles, go to funkylittledarlings.co.uk.