Just a Pidge

Pinching a few pennies is certainly commendable (not that you’d know), but there’s a line that should never be crossed.

And living in a dark hovel sans cable (what’s life without Fashionista Diaries?) and eating only bulk shrimp from Costco (dude, Atkins) definitely crosses that line.

Here’s a more fashionable way to scrimp: Pick up the Pidge, a cashmere collar that’s only one eighth scarf.

Designed by Connecticut newbie 3Fe, it’s a simple rectangular piece of material that wraps around the neck and fastens with two olive wood buttons. Aside from traditional scarf colors like black and cream, you can also sport the Pidge in flashy burgundy, bright red, or grape. Or go crazy and opt for one of the striped or multicolored varieties.

Sadly, despite the decrease in size, the Pidge will still cost you a pretty penny.

Good thing you’ve been saving them up.

Available online at 3feapparel.com.