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What's Crookin'?

You want your kids to keep on the straight and narrow.

Which is why you provide them with a stable home (family dinners, bedtime readings, High School Musical).

But don’t forget to let them wander off the beaten path once in a while — and into a Kids Crooked House. Built with the walls tilted slightly outward, these custom playhouses include doors with handles, cedar shingle roofs, and slanted windows on the walls. Plus, you can add a front porch; pick a color (like red barn, Tigger orange, and garden green); and even choose a theme such as a schoolhouse, castle, or restaurant.

The eight-foot-tall buildings, constructed in Windham, Maine, are big enough to host top-secret club meetings, tea parties for teddy bears, and other no-adults-allowed activities. So you can start giving the kids a tiny taste of freedom.

If you’re so inclined.

Available online at kidscrookedhouse.com.