Friends have meltdowns on a daily basis. The cat’s depressed and on Prozac. And you work ten-hour days with no lunch break.

Your life is a friggin’ zoo. And you’re about to bite someone’s head off.

Embrace the insanity — but make time for lunch — with Built’s zoo animal lunch boxes. Besides saving money (no more fancy takeout sushi) and trees (no brown bags), the polypropylene zip pails are guaranteed to garner attention when you unzip them into a placemat and whip out a nutritious meal.

A collaboration with Built (famous for melding form and function) and children’s book illustrator Stephen Savage, the whimsical carriers come in panda, tiger, rabbit, and dog shapes in fun colors like yellow, pink, and green. They’re insulated and easy to clean in case of spillage. Most importantly, they’ll arm you against 2 p.m. hunger pangs and make you ready to face the world again.

After all, it’s a jungle out there.

Available online at builtny.com.