Death Becomes Her

Cue: dark and stormy night. Young man takes pen to paper. His head filled with kaleidoscopic grids, acid colors, ghoulish thoughts.

He draws people and animals in scenes from horror films and science fiction. Renders abstract blood droplets and vampire faces that look unsuspecting and off beat.

His name whistles in the wind: Chrishabana.

He screen prints the images onto silk chiffon, charmeuse, wool jersey, and cotton in bright colors and metallics.

Before he can stop himself, he whips up a mind-boggling array of sheaths, racer-back tanks, T-shirt dresses, empire frocks, and hooded items with hand-detailed necklines and billowy, ethereal silhouettes.

He adds jewelry made of unoxidized gunmetal and braided hair (a huge hit with Japanese tourists).

A voice tells him to name the collection Bloody Mary.

But that’s a darker tale.

Available at TG-170, 170 Ludlow Street, between Houston and Rivington Streets (212-995-8660 or tg170.com); Dear Fieldbinder, 198 Smith Street, between Baltic and Warren Streets, Cobble Hill (718-852-3620 or dearfieldbinder.com).

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170 Ludlow St
bt Houston & Stanton Sts
New York, NY 10002