Racing Stripes

Some things you wish lasted longer: vacations. Weeds episodes. Your paycheck. Fresh flowers. And manicures, just to name a few.

While we have absolutely no power to change most of those things, we can help you in the manicure department.

Just the other day we spied a hipster with a new take on the French manicure that we’ve boldly dubbed the Stripe Tease.

Here’s how you get it: Have your manicurist apply clear polish onto short nails (square or round is your call). Then ask her to paint two slim, parallel, diagonal stripes in the hue of your choice. If you’re feeling really crazy, get different colored stripes.

Besides being totally original, the Stripe Tease lasts eons longer than a regular manicure because there’s less possibility for chipping.

Plus, its appearance isn’t compromised by growth.

Much like another thing you wish could last longer.

Available at your local nail salon.