Sweet Potato

Purchases can be divided into two categories: things you need (wine, toilet paper, meds) and things you want (lipo, a home in Mustique, an S600).

Thanks to Three Potato Four, there’s a whole new category to consider: things you never even knew you needed that now you can’t live without.

The online shop started by a husband/wife duo (and named for a game they taught their daughter) evolved out of their love for all things quirky.

Not surprisingly, the bevy of wares reflects their refined taste and fun-loving sensibility. Get down to the nitty gritty with a cactus growing kit. Pop out with Japanese tableware from designer Shinzi Katoh. Liven up the place with bright, punchy pillows by Denyse Schmidt. And fill the handmade French Pomme bag with apples for cute overload.

The merch is always evolving, so there’s always new stuff you’ll be pining for.

For no real rhyme or reason. 

Available online at threepotatofourshop.com.