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Choc Tactics

Your BFF gave one to three last week; your sister gave two to one only yesterday.

But you? You haven’t given one for weeks.

If you lust for an erotic life but haven’t a partner to experiment with, do it alone with Theobroma Cacao’s new range of handmade Erotique chocolates.

Choose from cheeky chocolate sculptures like the Adonis (a ripped torso), Décolletage (a pert pair of jugs) and Kama Sutra (an illustration showing what might happen when you combine the two). Everything can be bought in store or online and comes in tidy, neutral packaging.

More innocent creations on offer include chocolate hippos, Buddhas and builder’s tools (to clarify: that’s a simple hammer, saw and pliers), plus exotic truffles and massage bars. Elegant chocolate shoes, meanwhile, make chic presents for fetishists and fashionistas alike.

Yes, it’s all a little bit naughty.

But rest assured: it’s all in good taste.

Theobroma Cacao, 43 Turnham Green Terrace, W4 1RG (020 8996 0431 or theobroma-cacao.co.uk).