Just Say NoNo

Barry White’s cranking. Yes! Yes!
Asti spumante’s flowing.
Yes! Yes!
Ricky’s seductively unbuttoning his shirt.
Yes! Yes!
To reveal a dense, coarse, jet-black man pelt. No! No!

We like to think that such a scenario may have inspired the invention of the NoNo, a new, in-home hair removal gadget that painlessly defuzzes while slowing regrowth.

The secret lies in the hot blade (isn’t that also the name of a failed Sebastian Bach side project?) and a technology that transmits a pulse of heat to the hair, eventually weakening the root. Simply glide it over the undesirably hirsute surface a few times, and it does its thing — no pain, no fuss.

It’s not a quick fix, but with consistent use over a couple months, you’ll see results — whether you’re dealing with Defcon One (peach fuzz) or Defcon Five (Robin Williams).

Unfortunately, the NoNo shouldn’t be allowed to touch your face, breasts, or genitals.

Which, coincidentally, is the same rule that now applies to Ricky.

Available online at sephora.com.