Material Girl

If you wait long enough, it becomes fashionable to accentuate your favorite body part. Girls with fab abs got the midriff. Long, leggy bitches got skinny jeans. And those with perky tatas got the deep V-neck.

Gals with totally gorgeous wrists, it’s finally your time to shine with Elizabeth Yarborough’s sweater bangles. The former book editor ditched the corporate world for arts and crafts. Inspired by what was in her closet, she began making jewelry out of nontraditional materials.

The bracelets are hand-knit from insanely soft cashmere and come in three different styles (ribbed, seed stitch, and cable-knit), colors (crimson, gray, and cream), and widths ( three-quarter inch, one-and-three-quarter inch, and two-and-quarter inch). Stack on a bunch for instant attention or wear just one if your wrist is truly your best asset.

Because if that’s the case, you need all the help you can get.

Available online at shopbop.com. To see styles, go to yarboroughjewelry.com.