Heavenly Creatures

Koala bear: I can’t believe we’re dead.

Hippo: I know. It sucks.

Gorilla: At least we’re immortalized in chocolate.

Koala: It’s just an adjustment. I used to be cute and furry. But now I’m delicious.

Gorilla: We owe everything to Walteria Living. It was their idea to make animal game heads out of chocolate. They cast pygmy hippos, mountain gorillas, and koalas — all endangered species. It’s a real statement.

Hippo: A tasty statement. I’m made of dark chocolate and hand-poured in L.A. by a fancy specialty chocolatier. My statement is fancy pants.

Koala: No, doofus. The statement is about ending animal cruelty, protecting endangered species, and promoting animal welfare. They donate partial proceeds to the WSPA, the world society for the protection of animals. It’s a global movement.

Hippo: Oh, I get it. We’re ironic.

Available online at barneys.com and walterialiving.com.