How Lolo Can You Go?

You can take the couch out of Mexico. But you can’t take the Mexico out of the couch.

Especially Lorena Zertuche’s muy flamboyant creations from Guadalajara.

On trips to her family’s ranch in Durango, the designer became obsessed with colorful materials like neon blue terrycloth blankets, traditional Huichol covers, plastic market bags.

When she reupholstered a sofa inherited from her husband’s abuela in a patchwork of patterns and swapped out the legs for a pair of old cowboy boots, Lolo Muebles was born.

Restored pieces from the ’30s through the ’70s fill her Dogpatch showroom (as well as her Turk-Mex restaurant in the Mission). Loco details include worker’s galoshes for table legs, mirrors adorned with Cloralex bleach bottles, and dresser pulls made from eagle knobs found on Mack truck gear shifts.

Each piece is one of a kind, hecho en Mejico, and guaranteed to make you shout ¡andale!

Lolo Muebles, 2325 Third Street, at 20th Street, suite 218 (415-531-1141 or lolomuebles.com). By appointment only. Or grab a seat at Lolo, 3234 22nd Street, between Mission and Valencia Streets (415-643-5656).