Rockin’ Robin

When looking for irony, you generally turn to Stephen Colbert or Oscar Wilde.

But Mandie Erickson has outdone them both.

The publicist, famous for her abuse of interns on Fashionista Diaries, has launched a line of clothing named Robin — get this — because the bird is a symbol of strength, courage, and integrity. Needless to say, we were dying to hate it.

Guess the joke’s on us as we swallow every last ounce of pride and admit that the collection is great. Silky dresses, tailored jackets, and blouses all have details like bows and sashes. The collection is, quite frankly, downright cute and wearable. What’s more, the prices are totally reasonable.

It could actually be that Erickson is about to put smiles on the faces of young women everywhere.

Isn’t it ironic?

Available online at shopbop.com.