I Wanna Be Your Dog

Neil Young had King (the “best old hound dog” he ever did know). Barry Manilow had Mandy. And Snoop Dogg, had, um, himself. Here are a few ideas that are sure to turn on your own woofers.

Shoe Grazers
Does Fido love your loafers as much as you do? Don’t Chew Dare is an all-natural antichew repellent that dissuades your furry loved one from ruining your suede shoes. Ingredients include bitter-tasting organic herbs, patchouli, sandalwood, and peppermint leaf, along with imported essential oils, sage, spearmint, and rosemary extract.

Sheena’s a Punk Poocher
Dog Save the Queen (digthatcrazybeat@aol.com; 954-304-0829) is a line of tees inspired by ’70s and ’80s punk rock flyers. Each shirt style features designer Anna Powell’s Dog Save the Queen logo — an homage to her Boston terrier, Bowie (as in David). Powell also makes human tees, so the two of you can make like Simon and Grrrfunkel.

My Dog Wants to Party All the Time
For festive howliday couture, visit Shelly Woolf of North Miami-based Celebrity Pet Wear (742 NE 125th Street; 305-891-7555). Accessories include the Pink Diva Dog Coat and matching doggie carrier, elf hat with crystal barrette ear-bellishments, and the Jackie-O cap and scarf.

Poo Tang Clan
Chauncey needs to do his bidness, but it’s raining cats and, um, you know. Not to mention that you live on the 23rd floor. If only you had a Pet Loo. Sort of like a litter box for dogs (don’t tell him that), the portable toilet has synthetic grass and a drainage system.

Don’t think of it as being lazy; think of it as the next step in your pup’s evolution.

Or, you know, his Sgt. Pepper’s.