Warning: You’re entering cougar country.

And no, the real housewives of Orange County are nowhere to be seen.

Anita Ko is on the prowl. And she’s got some serious showstoppers. One glimpse of her signature collection of sparkly baubles will have you roaring.

Inspired by vintage Cartier jewels, the line is made of precious gold and diamonds, with accents of emeralds and rubies. The gems, which are shaped like cougars, wrap around appendages in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Tamer types can drape themselves in alternatives like shamrocks, whales, guitars, and seahorses.

Rocking the bling will garner the much-needed attention you’re craving.

Get ready to fend off the cat calls.

Available by e-mail order (info@anitako.com). To see styles, go to anitako.com.