A Gift of Their Own Medicine

The holiday syndrome of finding perfect gifts is upon us all. The surefire way to succeed? Appeal to their idiosyncrasies.

Let her wash away her sins with Herban Essentials towelettes. And her mouth? Keep it germ free with GoSmile’s new aromatherapy toothpastes. If she loves all creatures big and small (just not in her house), adopt her one of the 80 endangered species from the World Wildlife Fund.

carry me!

Delusions of Grandeur
She’ll be impressed with a classic Olivia Harris handbag or a white and gold Vabene watch that resembles the Chanel J12. Or grant her every wish with a 10,000-star planetarium.

Martyr Syndrome
She swears she wants nothing but your love. Not true. She’ll be touched with a charitable gift, so go ahead and plant a tree in her honor, adorn her neck with a Help Darfur charm necklace, or purchase Needs for Sale artwork, whose proceeds go to the organization featured in the painting.


Peter Pan Syndrome
Created for children but sophisticated enough for adults, Clive & Sunshine’s stuffed animals add jazz to any place you put them. Still likes to play with toys? Then a Plant-Me Pet is just the thing to keep her busy. And take her rock collection to the next level with pretty agate bookends.

Neurotic Nelly
Whoa, Nelly. This chick is nutters. Nothing could make her happier than an electronic grocery list organizer that groups items by the aisle they’re found in the market. And no more stressing about what size slice of pie to cut with this genius cake mold that creates extra-small to extra-large slivers, so people can choose their own.

so cozy!

If she never wants to leave the house, so be it. Bring the outdoors in with sophisticated bath appliques and a terrarium. Or encourage her to get cozy under a blanket and exercise her mind with a good read. Stunning customized bookmarks will hold her place in swanky style.

She’ll feel totally connected to the world and be reminded of it daily with a World Vision scarf made by women in Thailand as part of an income-generating program. Or indulge her pet obsession with one of Kate T. Williamson’s pet portraits.

sexy lady!

Addicted to Love
There could be worse things to be addicted to. Go ahead and indulge this one with an adorable garter from The Lake & Stars. Or let her play the sexy lumberjack in Steven Alan’s flannel plaid ruffle panties.

Diarrhea of the Mouth
Nothing will shut her up like good eats. If she likes to cook, she’ll totally dig a fish smoker — just add fish and chips (literally). If she suffers from a sweet tooth, the Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie mix or chocolate-covered fruit should do the trick. And for savory cravings? Gourmet sea salts.

Consider yourself healed of the shopping ailments.

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