Bootie Call

Sorry, Miss, but your jewelry box is at maximum capacity. It’s stud-earring-room-only up top. The bangles are having a private party.

Oh, hold up a sec. What you got there? A Candace Ang boot chain? Now that’ll get your foot in the door.

Brand new on the scene, the Les Bottes collection consists of six ladylike rock and roll styles handmade by Ang in her L.A. studio. She’s mixed vintage links, beads, and medallions to make these multistrand, footwear-enhancing beauties. Take your pick of classic chains, delicate silver, or deco gold. Or go for the limited-edition designs — single-strand chunky brass or a brass, steel, and copper combination.

All you have to do is give them the boot.

at Lotta Stensson Boutique, holiday shopping event, tonight, 5-9 p.m., 7965 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood (323-852-0520); online at candaceang.com.