Hold It

You down four cakes for  lunch on Monday and survive the rest of the week on celery.

Enough with the yo-yo diet; start Yoyo dining instead.

Yoyo Ceramics are refreshingly quirky receptacles for food and drink that are fully functional and definitively groovy.

The Yoyomaker collection comes adorned with witty ’50s-style illustrations of modern day accessories, while apple- and pear-shaped spoon rests serve as landing pads for dribbly tea bags, loose coins or nuts.

Is That Plastic? (answer: no, it’s not) is a dishwasher-safe selection of dishes, bowls and boxes that mimic Tupperware with panache. They’re sexy enough to present as serving bowls and make chic storage pots for leftovers.

If there are any, that is.

Available online at yoyoceramics.co.uk.