Good TV? Nowhere, Man

The writers’ strike is dragging on a little longer than you anticipated, and your support wore thin right around the time your TiVo ran out of new episodes of Gossip Girl.

Luckily, your good friends at the Internet have no contracts weighing them down. (Asked for comment, they replied, “What’s a union?”) So they’re free to give us Nowheremen.net, an episodic Web series chronicling the disappearance (and subsequent reemergence) of brilliant computer scientist Derek Border. He went missing after 9/11 and reappeared in September 2007, planting clues to his disappearance and current location throughout the Internet.

Fans of the site have been puzzling over clues for months now, but at 2:22 on January 22, the first webisode pertaining to his disappearance will air, and the audience will have to solve the case themselves.

Or if that’s too much work, just kick back and enjoy the wildly creative top-notch production quality. The intrigue may lure you away from TV forever.

Well, at least till the strike ends.

First episode premieres today, at 2:22 p.m. EST, on nowheremen.net.