Nature’s Calling

Forget cleansing your chi or going on the newest martini purification fast. (What? We’ve heard good things.) Sometimes all you really need is to get back in touch with nature.

Better yet, have Live Wire Farm bring it to you. (Nature can be dangerous — best let the professionals handle it.) John Robohm, who knows a thing or two about wood, sells a variety of uniquely crafted household items like hooks, napkin rings, and spoons.

All products are hand-carved out of dried maple, beech, or birch from Robohm’s own backyard and are made to order. The order form, if you can call it that, is a blank box where you type in what you want with a promise by Robohm to get back to you “as soon as farm time allows” (translation: within a week).

Mail him your ring size, and he’ll even craft you a wooden ring.

To him, it’s just human nature.

Available online at livewirefarm.com.