Sweet Hearts

They say love is a drug.

And there’s nothing like a batch of quality goods to get one hooked.

This Valentine’s Day, send your beau a message in a bottle or a card that lasts. (Single? Book an Allure Seminar fast.) Replace flowers with personalized Love Hearts, floral iced cookies from Biscuiteers or gifts from Freckles & Bird.

sexy business!

Give your lover a sophisticated wake-up call, followed by breakfast-in-a-basket from Minkies deli or Turnham Green. Dress accordingly: go racy with Peacock & Strutt or green with Eco-Boudoir. Sport anything by LouLou Loves You and you’ll get hard results.

catch some zzzz's!

After dinner at your door, you’ll probably be hungry for more. Preen yourself to perfection with Neom’s I Love You box and get jiggy with it. Then give it a rest with a Sound Asleep pillow; it’ll be music to your ears.

Remember: giving is as good as receiving.

(And if you disagree, you’re probably doing it wrong.)

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