Gimme a G

2007 was all about showing your punany to the public. But now hoo-has are out. (Or should we say in?)

Thanks to Shibue Couture, you can still wear absurdly short, tight dresses without flashing your vadge to the whole world.

The panties go from your nani-nani to your bum-bum without wrapping around your hips. (Need some help visualizing? See picture.) They’re the first ever strapless G-strings.

Made of soft, high-quality fabrics (unclear which kinds), each one comes with a liner and twelve adhesives, which mold to your special place. Yes, folks, they are reusable. Just remove the sticky stuff (the tape, people, the tape), rinse the fabric with mild soap and water, put on new adhesive, and you’re ready to whore out again.

Go with the pink one with red hearts or the black with gold studs.

Either way, it’ll keep your privates private.

Available online at shibuecouture.com.