Click and Snip

A long, long time ago (1996), in a land far, far away (midtown, suite 1500), dashing white knights (midlevel editors) used to make their faithful pages (unpaid interns) record their tales of adventure into illuminated manuscripts (search and cut clips about Tina Brown from Page Six).

Those sure were scary days before the Internet figured out how to do everything for you.

But here’s an OCD delight we never thought we’d see: Fabsearch, a website that sources, scans, and classifies information from the best style magazines about the world’s top vacation destinations. It’s not just a series of links, either. Someone actually aggregates and writes summaries. (By hand and everything. Seriously. The mind reels.)

You can search by location (Anguilla, Beirut, Norway, Portofino) or publication (Tatler, Financial Times, and even, bless them, DailyCandy). Stash your finds in a My Clippings folder, then next time you’re late for your flight to Bombay, it’ll be a snap to download everything you need. And easy.

After all, you are still doing your own printing.

Available online at