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What’s Your Beef?

You’re always up for a stakeout (hence that episode in which you dressed in camo and hid in your BF’s bushes to make sure his out-of-town “friend” was a member of the male species).

But in the case of Uruguay Steaks, Ken Fields has done all the legwork for you. In his quest (he spanned from Africa to Asia to South America) for the perfect cut of beef, he finally found the answer in Uruguay, and he is making it available to you.

The stellar flavor is attributed to the fact that Uruguayan culture revolves around ranching. In those-there parts, the cattle are all grass fed and truly free range, making the meat much healthier and tastier. After learning the business from locals, Fields purchased land, moo cows, and horses and became a full-time rancher.

Just head to the online shop and choose from sirloin, skirt, rib eye, flat iron, strip, and filet mignon. They’ll flash-freeze and vacuum-pack the goods for their journey to you.

Being the good Samaritans they are, Uruguay Steaks offsets the plane travel with carbon credits.

Proving they’re no meatheads.

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