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I’m Gonna Git You Sucka

You don’t go around sucking on everything offered to you.

But you’ll want to get your lips around anything from Lollyphile, a brand new candy company with the mission to make the most uniquely delicious lollipops in the whole world.

Currently your pucker can delight in absinthe and maple-bacon flavors, but they’re hard at work brainstorming other concoctions as well. Yes, folks, the absinthe variety is legal (it contains an amount of thujone okayed by the U.S. government). As for the ingredients? They use only the highest quality — organic, sustainably-farmed bacon; real absinthe; molten sugar; and no artificial flavors.

If anyone tries to tell you that candy’s just for kids …

Tell them to suck it.

Available online at lollyphile.com.