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Just Eat It

If you are what you eat, then shouldn’t you be gobbling something fierce? Like a scorpion, crocodile, or reindeer?

Thanks to Edible, you can. The UK-based specialty store is stocked with obscure delicacies from all over the world. As crazy as some of them might sound, all the offerings meet strict health and safety standards and are ethically produced.

So go ahead and feast on Thai green crocodile curry. Bite into dark chocolate-covered scorpions (apparently they’re similar in texture to Kit Kats). Sip on coffee that’s been eaten and regurgitated by weasels (who knew the furry creatures were bulimic?). Increase your stamina by spreading giant Japanese hornet honey on your toast. Or break out some dried mopane worms when you have a snack attack (don’t worry, their guts have already been squeezed out).

Sure, you may swear you could never enjoy such crazy things.

But you’re going to eat your words.

Available online at edible.com.