Designs Within Reach

Here’s the thing: They’re called intimates, yet there is no real bond between you and your lingerie.

But you can start to build one at Evlove Intimates (that’s evolve spelled backward, in case you’re wondering). Anyway, the site allows you to make a real connection with your bras and panties.

Let us explain. First choose a style (G-string, boy short, or thong on the bottom; bralet or cami up top). Then pick a fabric (modal, lace, nylon mesh), followed by the trim (ribbon, braid, satin) and an applique (bow or flower). Now your work is done. Wait three weeks time for your carefully selected underthings to show up.

In the meantime, try not to hate on your current stash of unmentionables.

They’ve stood by you through thick and thin, after all.

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