Sneaker Pimps

Leftie: Yo, Rightie. You reek something awful.

Rightie: Stank you very much. As do you, pal.

Leftie: I feel like I am locked in a monkey’s cage against my will.

Rightie: Well, One Star over there told me about these new things called Fragrant Footings.

Leftie: Whoa, heel buddy. Talk to me.

Rightie: They’re insoles laced with essential oils that are released with every step you take.

Leftie: Dude. We need those stat.

Rightie: Fo sho. They come in lemon, mint, and jasmine scents.

Leftie: I’ll take any scent over that of toe jam. But wait, can they be worn with sandals and heels?

Rightie: Totally. They have both trim-to-fit and mini cushions, so they work with all shoes.

Leftie: How are we gonna get Twinkle Toes to foot the bill on this one?

Rightie: Now you’re overstepping the boundaries.

Available online at summersoles.com.