Going for Seconds

Freshman year. Wedgies and flipped lunch trays. Locker wars and gum hair. Warren Halverson and, well, Warren Halverson.

Those were so not the days.

Sophomore makes it all worth it. During her extended summer vacation, Chrissie Miller’s original line of ultra-catchy slogan tees blossomed (ew, mmmmom!) into a collection of covetable basics for the ladies — and dudes, too.

With Proenza Schouler grad Madeleine von Froomer on board, the two whipped up soft-washed, style-driven pieces for every day: a perfect U-neck boxy T-shirt, asymmetrical snap pullover, roomy zip-front hoodie, and leggings you’ll live in.

We’d say you’d hardly recognize it, but the effortlessly cool spirit stuck around as a few select graphic tees — Very Ill Beverly Hills and Stay Gold — for extra credit.

You might even get a date to the dance.

Available online at sophomorenyc.com.