Make It Your Trademark

From the offices of Jackson, Johnston & Roe

Dear Rain Swells and Chills,

This is a cease and desist for unauthorized use of weather throughout April. The season “spring” had heretofore reserved all rights to this month, and you neither asked for nor received permission to use April for your pursuits.

Jackson, Johnston & Roe (three childhood pals who operate under their mothers’ maiden names) will provide a temporary injunction to prevent irreparable harm in the form of fine linens, silks, cottons, and bamboo (see: adorable animal hieroglyph blouse).

The line includes, but is not limited to, sweet jumpers with muted stripes, slouchy knickers, high-riding shorts, fitted jackets, and items that feel very 1904 World’s Fair.

Which calls for impromptu picnicking, Sunday strolls, and outdoor shenanigans.

We’re required to take action.

Available at Bird, 220 Smith Street, at Butler Street, Cobble Hill (718-797-3774); TG-170, 170 Ludlow Street, between Stanton and Houston Streets (212-995-8660). To see styles, go to jacksonjohnstonandroe.com.