Japanese Funhouse

Turning Japanese, we think you’re turning Japanese, we really think so.

The catalyst: Japan Trend Shop, an online resource for hip new gadgetry from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Every single product deserves praise. Drop your coins in Banpresto’s yellow Facebank and watch the little guy chew and swallow. Wow friends/scare children with a luminous jellyfish tank (they look so real). Or, on the pragmatic side, clean up your O2 with the adorable Baby Climo air purifier.

If you’ve got a little more moolah to spend ($4,699 to be exact), blur the line between want and need with a therapeutic Paro Robot Seal. The lifelike critter recognizes its name, understands when it’s being held, and knows when it’s nighttime.

The shop is sure to become your new go-to for gifts for everyone (including yourself).

Now if only the dollar matched the yen.

Available online at kilian-nakamura.com.