Food & Drink

Say Anything

Veruca: Daaaddyyyy!

Mr. Salt: Yes, dear?

V: I want some cheesecake.

S: I thought we’d been over this.

V: A giant five-pound cake,
With Heath Bar and Kisses or maybe some Pay Day,
Everything my way!
Graham cracker crust with sweet cinnamon dust.
I’ll keep yelling! You must!

S: But, Veruca, haven’t you learned?

V: I want the works!
I want the whole works!
White chocolate chips that will melt on my lips,
And will make me do flips!
Bake it for me!

I want it now,
Now and not after like that Wonka disaster!
Make it come faster!
With berries and streusel or pumpkin pie filling,
Why aren’t you willing?

S: After all those therapy bills, really?

V: I want Brooklyn’s best bakers,
Only master cake makers,
To complete my design and to make me stop whine.
Won’t it be so divine?

S: Alright, already! I’ll make the order! Just put a cork in it.

Available online at anythingcheesecake.com.

Photo credit: Deb Caponera