Earth Girls Are Easy

Yeah, yeah it’s your day. But how about taking our fair earth into account when planning your nuptials?

The Paper Chase
Saving trees doesn’t mean sacrificing style when you work with Earthly Affair, who prints invites on 100 percent post-consumer or FSC-certified cotton paper. And they make it simple to create and order online with tons of font, color, and design choices.

all dawed up!

No Blood Diamonds
Don’t be reminded of the suffering every time you glance at your finger. Dawes Design creates stunners made of recycled gold and conflict-free stones that are perfect for stacking (i.e., anniversary presents, boys).

Twice As Nice
We dare not suggest that you wear some hippie-dippy hemp number (although stylish ones are probably around the corner), but is there really any reason to hold onto your dress post-wedding? Buying a designer gown (Monique, Vera, and Melissa are all on hand) from Encore Bridal or Bell’ancora that’s been worn once saves you money and the earth’s natural resources.

lookin' good!

Ladies in Red (or Black)
The maids will sing your praises if you outfit them in a flattering frock by sustainable line Earth & Sky and pretty vegan shoes from Té Casan. Gift each one with a Root of the Earth bowl to show them they’re the salt.

Best Laid Plans
Streamline the planning process (and eliminate a big binder of paper) with the new Muse online service. A list of categories means you won’t forget anything, a budget calculator keeps you in check, and custom schedules ensure the day runs smoothly.

eco chic!

Presents Perfect
Ecofriendly sites Branch and Global Table have stellar registries, chock-full of all things sustainable and stylish. The truly selfless can register to feed starving children or provide vet care to shelter cats and dogs via Changing the Present.

Nice to Greet You
Welcome friends and family with customized Maptotes filled with a vegetable wax candle, Kampai natural hangover relief, and organic prosecco.

favor this!

Favor Savers
Send guests off with something they’ll remember you fondly for. Fair Trade Teas’s new wedding blend or a biodegradable plant will remind them to send you a present.

Second Harvest
Coordinate with a local shelter and nursing home to donate leftovers to the hungry and flowers to the elderly.

Why not start your new life together with good karma on your side?