Senior Moments

It’s that time of year again. Gift Mamacita according to her best attributes this Mother’s Day.

Most Likely to Circumnavigate the Globe
She’s out of this world. Let her know it with an Ipanema cuff. Nothing’s more charming than a picnic in a faraway land.

jot it down!

Most Likely to Succeed
Her notes were pristine; her penmanship perfect. She’ll appreciate the design and functionality of Start Here notebooks. Make sure her secret recipes get recorded on charming recipe cards.

Most Athletic
Bring some joy to her water aerobics routine with a floating waterproof case for her iPod so she can whoop it up in the pool. Keep her looking good on the greens with Stella McCartney golf gloves.

tea time!

Class Clown
There’s no reason the design on an object should be centered and right side up, which is why Jason Miller’s teacups are so charming. And she’ll know exactly what to do with a jar of whimsies.

Most Artistic
She appreciates the finer things in life like jellyfish glass sculptures and birdie tea lights. And the modern side of her will appreciate a subscription to Parkett.

go wild!

Best Dressed
She’s a classy broad, but she’s no grandma yet. This brooch is just the thing to complete her look. And this jaunty giraffe necklace? She’ll think you picked it up at an estate sale. If you’re short on cash, Subversive for Target’s button earrings are cheap and cheerful. The key to looking good is taking care of your clothing. Caldrea’s French Lavender Dark Wash does just that to denim and dark-colored pieces.

Most Intellectual
She never gets bored of Jane, so she’ll love the Sense & Sensibility Collector’s Set. Or broaden her horizons with a subscription to Granta.

something's fishy!

Biggest Party Animal
She knows the key to a successful soiree is ambiance. Set the mood with chic Southern Botanical soy candles. Gorgeous organic table linens will impress even the snootiest of guests.

Teacher’s Pet
Butter her up with gorgeously packaged Hawaiian cookies or gourmet caramels. And wash it down with fresh-brewed iced tea out of this jazzy pitcher.

Any of these gifts will put you in the running for Most Wonderful Child of the Year.