Tulah La

There’s much to admire about the male species. They can pee standing up, go weeks without showering, and carry their entire life in a back pocket.

Boy, wouldn’t that be nice?

Tulah Ray designers Flora Ong and Kathy Wang put a girlish twist on the Y chromosome with their new line of handbags. Purse equivalents of your boyfriend’s shirt, they’re casual, roomy, and comf to carry.

Meet your new guy friends: Charlie, Johnnie, and Bruce. With adjustable straps and stash compartments, you’ll want to hang with them 24/7. More sophisticated lasses prefer metallic satchels named after great jazz men. Hardware-loving femmes go for studs like Rocky and Ace. And then there’s Jack: an oversize tote with fun-loving cutout shapes for those who can’t make it out of the house sans kitchen sink.

Supple leathers in a rainbow of look-at-me yet classic hues (lemon, mint, persimmon, mushroom) mean they’ll last for the long haul.

Let’s hear it for the boys.

Available by e-mail order (flora@tulahray.com). To see styles, go to tulahray.com.