Shop the World

You want to go on a round-the-world trip. Before dinner. And you don’t really want the jet lag. Or even to leave your laptop.

You just want the awesome souvenirs.

Like a couple of curved wood bowls from Finland. They’d look great on the kitchen counter. Especially next to an embroidered serving bowl that you cross-stitched yourself. You picked it up (so easy!) at Industreal, that online hotbed of Euro creativity.

ham it up!Pour yourself a relaxing imported tea and put your feet up on a Moroccan pouf. What’s that? A heaping plate of acorn-fed, free-range Ibérico de Bellota Spanish jamon? Si, si, si! You really know how to live.

In fact, if you weren’t so cozy at home right now — nestled in that soft Peruvian alpaca blanket — you might head out for a tricked-out English picnic, complete with a tartan picnic rug, folding seats, and cup sets wrapped in leather.

Speaking of picnics and wide open spaces, how about that Wild West? You know, nothing says vast frontier quite like vintage denim from the 1800s. So why not score yourself a piece of living fashion history from amazing, quirky, charming Carpe Denim?

turkish delight!See? Now you’re really inspired to travel the world and shop for drool-worthy textiles — Mexican bedspreads, Turkish hammam towels, Ethiopian blankets. (Sign up for the alerts for upcoming online trunk shows.)

And when your friends ask where you got that fabulous thing, just smile knowingly and invent a great lie about the haggling, the smuggling, the secret back alley addresses …


Correction: In yesterday’s edition of DailyCandy Deals, we left out the code for the 25% discount at Mr. Charles Shop. Make up for lost time by shopping now! Oh, and before we forget, the code is DC2008.