Who’s the Man?

Reward your babydaddy with something that will show off his best attribute.

The Way to a Man’s Heart
Is through his belly, of course. Thrill Pops and support the Gulf of Maine Research Institute with a lobster trap. He’ll reap benefits from it all year long in the form of delicious sea delicacies. This mussel pot will just enhance the fun. If he prefers turf over surf, let him concoct a meat lover’s delight with the Mario Batali Pizza Set, which makes it easy as pie (pun intended).

gimme a break!

Get an Arm and Leg Up
Those crazy Cordarounds kids have done it again with Suckerlab, their quirky take on preppy seersucker pants. He’ll be the best-dressed dude on the green in a Reine et Roi windbreaker. If he’s been extra extra good (or you’ve been extra bad), wow Pop Pops with a custom bowling lane built in his house.

Big Mouth
His favorite part of the day is when he puts the ice in the tumbler and pours himself a stiff drink. Let him stash his poison in fancy monogrammed decanters. If he’s an on-the-go dude, gift him a notebook grill so he can stuff his face no matter where he is.

zip it up!

Fingers Crossed
He’s a penny pincher. Thankfully, your guests will never know it if he has a Gray Kangaroo, a genius contraption that filters out particulate matter and harmful toxins in cheap booze, leaving delicious, filtered vodka, whiskey, rum, and tequila that tastes like the spenny stuff. Let him at least pinch in style with a Comme des Garçons wallet. If he’s a baseball fanatic, let his fingers do the talking with a pen made from salvaged wooden stadium seats from his favorite team’s ballpark.

Hands On
He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He’ll be like a pig in shit with the Wing-It deep fryer, which allows him to make his own buffalo wings. (He’ll also no longer have an excuse to go to Hooters but keep that to yourself.) Dad will happily take out the garbage if it means he gets to rattle off Star Wars quotes as he empties this R2-D2 trash can. Or keep his hands busy paddling a kayak.

get neckin'!

Ring His Neck
Oh, not really. But he’ll be the most dapper dad in all the land in an Alexander Olch tie.

Eyes Wide Open
They’re the window to his soul. The ornithologist in him will love this window birdhouse. Appease his biggest fantasy with Liveboard, a wireless gadget that displays every baseball game’s scores and batter’s count in real time via wireless Bluetooth technology.

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