Come All Ye Joyful

Want to bring joy to the whole wide world?

Jeff Woodrow’s beat you to it. He’s delivering peace and equality to the planet one T-shirt at a time.

Here’s how his Joy Project works: You peruse the catalog of faces (all drawings from submitted photos) from around the globe and pick a favorite. Next, choose the style (tank or tee) and color (white, pink, blue, green, yellow) of organic cotton or bamboo shirt upon which the image will reside.

Along with your new wearable art comes an ID tag with the person’s name, country of origin, and passion in life so you know a little about the brains behind the beauty — a reminder of how your everyday actions can affect perfect strangers.

Once you’ve purchased a shirt, upload a photo of yourself to the website so your face can become a work of art.

C’mon, join the joyride.

Available online at joytshirt.com.