Come to My Window

Flowers can be a real downer. They die (and then stink). And if you’re buying them yourself — wamp, wamp — they’re expensive.

Chin up, Dollface. You must not know about Flat Flowers.

Transparent window stickers of pretty bouquets, they’re visible from inside and out, so you and passersby get to enjoy their beauty. No adhesive means you can move them around and use them over and over again.

There’s a plethora of options, and aside from being two dimensional, they look just like the real thing. Pink dahlias in a glass vase are sweet and simple. A bright arrangement of mixed poppies really, well, pops. And it’s impossible not to get happy about red and yellow chrysanthemums. Not a single one will run you more than fifteen bucks, making them both cheap and cheerful.

Looks like everything’s coming up roses.

Available online at dutchbydesign.com. To see styles, go to