Beauty Call

After sloughing ourselves in creams, serums, gels, and powders (and a few emergency trips to the derm for freaky flare-ups), we’ve found our favorite products to tend to your head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

Face wash: Chidoriya Soap uses an old-school Japanese combo of azuki powder and brown sugar to exfoliate and moisturize your pretty punim.

scrub away! Exfoliator: Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate needs just two minutes to make your face smooth like buttah (minus the grease factor, of course).

Moisturizer: Hard Night Good Morning is a boozehound’s (or just a busy gal’s) BFF. By stimulating the skin, it hides the fact that you were overserved (or under-rested) the night before and leaves your face looking fresh and flawless.

conceal it! Cover-up: Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation can mask everything from a tacky tat to a pesky pimple.

Foundation: Dermacia’s Breathable Foundation looks truly natural while magically hiding wrinkles and sun spots.

wig out! Mascara: Fiberwig — no clumping. No flaking. No smudging. No smearing. Leave it to the Japanese to create the best lash lengthener out there.

Lip therapy: Aquaphor is the only — we repeat, only — thing we found to heal a bad case of chapped kissers.

pucker up! Lipgloss: Tarte Enbrightenment does double duty as pucker polish and teeth whitener.

Highlights extender: Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze brightens up hair color and brings on shine in between visits to the salon.

smile! Toothpaste: Arm & Hammer Complete Care does its thing without ruining that glass of fresh-squeezed OJ.

Teeth whitener: iWhite legitimately improves your smile with light-activated technology. And the Maintenance Stick ensures your pearly whites stay that way.

doctor, doctor! Eye wrinkle reducer: Dr. Harnik Anti-wrinkle Eye Pads are an affordable, safe alternative to Botox.

Eye cream: Eye Dream by Talika makes your eye dreams come true while you’re catching some zzzs.

zap away! Zit zapper: Cornelia Works Blemish Clearing Serum is a concoction of herbs, enzymes, and mud that pummels pimples without drying out skin.

Self-tanner: Comodynes Sunless Tanning Towelettes give you the glow without the BO.

clean up! Soap: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soap Bars are the best-smelling, longest-lasting chunks of organic cleanliness.

Shaving cream: Earth Science Azulene Shave Creme gives you a clean, close shave, leaving your legs as smooth as a baby’s bum bum.

udderly perfect! Body lotion: Udder Cream was made for Bessy’s milk buttons, but this cheap, rich moisturizer makes us moo.