Just Call Me Doctor

[Please read in the movie trailer voice.]

In a world filled with cute puppies and warm chocolate chip cookies, one man is fighting to destroy it all.

With the help of his blog — Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Created by Buffy helmer Joss Whedon (and fam), the 43-minute, three-act musical is online only.

The story unfolds on the blog of Dr. Horrible, played by Neil Patrick Harris (we love you, Doogie!). Desperate to become a super villain, he struggles to join the Evil League of Evil, led by Bad Horse, “the thoroughbred of sin.” Meanwhile, his attempts to woo do-gooder Penny are thwarted by his buff archnemesis, Captain Hammer.

The movie, penned during the happiness-crushing writer’s strike, has eleven hysterical songs. You’ll laugh along as Dr. Horrible peruses what’s really important in life.

“All the cash, all the fame — and social change.”

Available online at itunes.com. For more information, go to drhorrible.com.