Easy Come, Easy Go

If you’re going to work hard for an orgasm, you’d prefer that it be your own.

But, sadly, it rarely works out that way.

So when it’s finally your turn, get a boost from the Slightest Touch, an odd sexual aid that intensifies, multiplies, and generally improves your climaxes with electrode pads that attach to the ankles.

True, the phrase “no genital contact” usually bodes ill for sexual satisfaction. But here, a painless electrical pulse travels up the leg’s nerve pathways to the pelvis, creating peak arousal. (It started as a failed prototype for a foot massager.) Even weirder, they recommend downing a sports drink fifteen minutes before using the device, as the electrolytes increase conductivity.

If it doesn’t give you the most powerful and amazing orgasms you’ve ever had, you get a refund.

So you’ll finally get your comeuppance.

Available online at slightesttouch.com.