The Bold and the Beautiful

Floral in the air.
Girls like to wear in their hair.
Don’t quit our day job.

We’ll leave the haikus and their accompanying headpieces to Ban.do, a brand new line of hair goodness from two L.A. stylists. Not for the demure wallflower, they’re big and bold in both size and color. The result: Complete and total awesomeness.

Jewel-tone peacock feathers and sparkly sequins are paired with bright tulle, silk flowers, and rhinestone brooches. The girls have wrapped, stitched, and glued the materials together for some serious va va voom.

Wear one on the anniversary of your birth, when you walk down the aisle, or 24-7.

Or, in their case, 5-7-5.

Available online at shopbando.com.