Word Up

You went for sushi. You ended up with a snog.

There were no words for it.

Until now. Restauromp is one of the many useful terms defined in our new book, Fictionary: Words That Don’t Exist but Should.

You’ve always loved DailyCandy lexicons, so we compiled some of your favourite words (textual frustration, crappuccino, mediacracy) with a bunch of new ones, including post modem (the freak-out you experience when your Internet goes down) and fabric-ation (the involuntary impulse to lie when a salesgirl asks what size you wear).

Along with the phrases we picked up in boutiques and backroom brothels, there’s a behind-the-keyboards look at the DailyCandy staff and our shenanigans — like how we ended up in that brothel.

Don’t be surprised if you learn a thing or two.

Like the word whor d’oeuvre.

To read an excerpt and learn more about Fictionary: Words That Don’t Exist but Should, go to dailycandy.com/book. Available online at amazon.co.uk.