The Weekend Guide

Rock it.

Renée Frances Vote Ring

What: The jewelry designer’s gold-plated accessory was inspired by Robert Indiana’s iconic Love sculpture.
Why: One-two punch.
Where: Online at reneefrances.com.

Toms Vote Shoes
What: The do-good brand has kicks for donkeys, elephants, and the still undecided. As always, they’ll donate shoes to a child in need for every pair bought.
Why: They’re a shoe-in.
Where: Online at tomsshoes.com.

Nation Ltd. Vote Tee
Send in a pic of you in the limited-edition “I love my nation” shirt, and it’ll be posted on the site.
Why: You need some positive coverage.
Where: Online at nationltd.com.

Echo Political Scarves
Adorable cotton neckerchiefs for both parties.
Why: The competition’s heating up.
Where: Online at echodesign.com.

Vote Bag
The cotton canvas toter is simple and to the point. Did we mention it’s also cute?
Why: Nothing’s in the bag just yet.
Where: Online at cafepress.com.