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Social Butterfly

No question. When parent-teacher conferences roll around, your peanut’s social skills will be off the charts. After all, she learned from the master.

Which also means she picked up your eye for style and love of a bargain. (They are such sponges. It’s just learn, learn, learn.)

So let us introduce you to The Mini Social, the latest online sample sale for kids, launching next Monday. The lineup includes Nurseryworks, Nest, Puella, and Kumquat at up to 60 percent off. Sign up this week, and you’ll be in on the first sale right from the start. (You know sample sales: Once it’s gone, it’s gone.)

A portion of proceeds benefits charities like UNICEF and Shoe4Africa, so you can feel good about spending.

Especially when you’re scoring. (And teaching.)

Available online at theminisocial.com.