Cover Story

Don’t go as the same sexy [fill in the blank] you were last year. Like the Martha Stewart of Halloween, make a last-minute costume out of stuff you already have.

What you need: suit, tie, wire hanger (to point tie up).
Who you are: disillusioned broker on his way down.
Bonus: Lehman Brothers hat found on eBay.

What you need: slip dress, picture of Freud.
Who you are: Freudian slip.

What you need: red, green, yellow, white, orange, and blue articles of clothing.
Who you are: Rubik’s Cube.
Bonus: Swap colors around often.

What you need: regular clothes, badge.
Who you are: undercover cop.

What you need: pillow under shirt, backpack.
Who you are: Bristol Palin.
Bonus: defeated date in hockey uniform.

What you need: all-white outfit with Post-it notes reading “I’ll call you in the morning,” “The check’s in the mail,” “It was great for me, too,” etc.
Who you are: little white lies.

What you need: a plunger.
Who you are: Joe the Plumber.